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Portable Picnic Recipes

Nothing’s worse than packing a delicious picnic feast only to find that it took a tumble on the way to your destination. Simplicity is the key to making traveling to and from your favorite picnic spot easy and mess-free, so instead of packing heavy foods that can potentially spill on the ride, try out some […]

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Spring Garden Party Ideas

Here’s hoping that the April showers finally end, and we’re left with nothing but May flowers adorning our neighborhoods. Once the sun is shining, pick a day, throw a garden party, and use these fun ideas to welcome spring with open arms. Pile on the Pastels When planning a this event, start with the color […]

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DIY Drink Bar

At every party, there are a few different kinds of people: those who greet everyone as soon as they walk in; those who longingly eye the buffet as they set up shop at their assigned table; and those who beeline it straight to the bar. That last group has probably had the same cocktails served […]

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Easter Party Ideas

Easter is just a few days away! From the pretty pastels and yummy food to seeing all the family, Sunday is sure to be a blast. If you’re looking to impress your guests, why not spice up your Easter celebration with a few of these fun party ideas? Decorate Your Back Porch Since the weather […]

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